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Children's Chocolate workshops include hands-on chocolate making experience, learning chocolatier skills, experimenting with colours and flavours, tasting different chocolates and making a unique chocolate creation.  

Lab Cocoa workshop

Welcome to Lab Cocoa ......Children's Chocolate Workshops and Lab Cocoa Chocolate Products  for toddlers, children, young people and families. 


Lab Cocoa Children's Chocolate Workshops are a hands-on chocolate making experience that included learning new  chocolatier skills with edible coloured paints and using freshly made chocolate to make fun and interesting CHOCOLATE MASTER PIECE!.

There are  6 different Children's chocolate workshops to choose from:  Imagination Workshop , Lego Bar Workshop , Build your own bar Workshop . Chocolate Pizza Workshop and Chocolate Planet Workshop. These can be  booked via our Booking system or via Email. 

Pre-booked workshops are  delivered  on weekends, evenings  and during school holidays. Themed workshops are added throughout the yearlike  Easter, Halloween, Christmas offering more variety and unique workshop for everyone to enjoy!. 


So WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? there is no excuse, book now! and come have some chocolate fun!  


See all Lab Cocoa Chocolate Workshops 

Duration: from 60 -120 minutes hours 

Numbers: between 4 - 8 spaces on each workshop. 

Price: From £22.50 to £27.50 



Lab Cocoa also offers a wide range of Lab Cocoa Chocolate Kits from Chocolate Paint 'n' Create  sets to Imaginations Chocolate Kits. These Chocolate kits are great for Toddlers , Children, Young people and BIG KIDS that have all the necessary equipment and step-by-step instructions to create a chocolate master piece with in the home or within group setting. 

Lab cocoa Party Logo

Lab Cocoa Birthday Children's Chocolate Workshops are fun, interactive and very YUMMY ....of course CHOCOLATE is involved! 

Choose from our range of  Birthday Chocolate Workshops Each entails  learning how chocolate is made , making a DIY hot chocolate with cream, sprinkles and marshmallows, sampling a selection of handmade chocolates and making a unique  chocolate creation with edible paints and Lab Cocoa creations.

All Lab Cocoa Birthday Workshop are a private booking, this allowing full access to the  whole Studio and Workshop. 

See all Birthday Chocolate Workshops and Contact US for more information.  


Duration: 2 hours 

Numbers: Min of four 

Party Invitations: Included  

Price: From £25 to £29.50 

Educational Workshops for Main Stream  Schools, SEN and Alternative Provisions 

Lab Cocoa education workshops are very important to us, we believe everyone should be educated on the world of Cacao ..... CHOCOLATE.. and what a fabulous and yummy topic that will excite and engage young people and help them learn the real story how CACAO evolved and how chocolate is made today!.   

Lab Cocoa educational workshops cover an array of different school's curriculum from History, Science, Geography, Maths, English, Art and PHSE ... for more information and packages see Lab Cocoa Educational Workshops

Duration: 60 mins - 120min

Numbers: School Class or Organisation 

Delivered at School/Organisation

Price: From £7.50 -£15 

Private Workshops 

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Our private workshops provide and focus on giving everyone in the community an equal opportunity regardless of their ability!

 Private Workshops can be one to one to group session with friends, families or organisations.

Session can be adapted to suit the requirements of the individual or group,  giving  everyone the equal opportunity to enjoy and have lots of chocolate fun.

All private booking have  full access to the  whole Kitchen Studio and Workshop, plus dates and times are arranged to suit individual/ group.

All Workshop available are on the Lab Cocoa Workshops and Adults Workshop

Contact us for more information. 

Duration: 60 -120 mins 

Numbers: 1-1 to 8 +

Price: From £25 to £35.00 

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