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Childrens Chocolate Party Workshop

Looking for a deliciously fun way to celebrate a birthday or other special events? What better way than a chocolate making/creating party!  We provide private bookings for chocolate making workshops, where children will experiment with different ingredients, learn chocolatier skills and make their own chocolate creations.

Lab Cocoa Children Chocolate Party Workshops 

Lab Cocoa Children's Chocolate Party Workshops are Fun, hands on and can get very messy .. Each of our party workshop entails learning how chocolate is made , make own hot chocolate with cream, sprinkles and marshmallows, sample a selection of handmade chocolates and make a chocolate creation from  chocolate moulds, paint them and create a chocolate master piece to taken home. 


Duration: 2 hours 

Numbers: Min of four 

Party Invitations: Included  

Price: From £25 to £29.50 

Food available upon request 

Bring Birthday cake which will be incorporate into the session

Book a date: To book a date contact us via our BOOKING form below. Secure a date it’s 50% of total (non refundable) 

Party Workshops at £25.00 per person


Imagination workshop: Make a chocolate mould (from the Lab Cocoa characters) , paint the mould with edible chocolate paint, fill with chocolate, taken home once completed, plus chocolate mould. 


Cocoa Beetles Hot Chocolate Workshop: Make a jar of hot chocolate cocoa beetles , paint the beetle mould  , fill with chocolate, make special mud (cocoa powder) add extras Marshmallows, sprinkles, design table and complete the Hot chocolate Jar to take home.  


Party Workshops at £27.50 per person


Lego chocolate Workshop: Build own chocolate bar using building blocks (Lego) to make a bar to moulded in the special machine Paint the mould, fill it with chocolate 


Party Workshops at £29.50 per person


Build you own Bars Workshop:   Make three chocolate bars, decorated and paint chocolate mould with edible paint  and fill with chocolate add a section of toppings  and create their own labels  


Chocolate Pizza Workshop:  Make a pizza mould using the mould machine , Paint mould and fill with layers of chocolate and different extras (Biscuits, popping candy,  smarties ETC) and add more toppings to complete and decorate pizza box.  take home creation and chocolate mould. 


Scrumdiddlyumptioust Heart Workshop:  For  Age 9 upwards   Paint heart mould, fill with chocolate to make case , fill with chocolate ganache, this workshop is more in depth, learning more chocolatier skills.   



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