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Little Puds

Have you seen our new little puds yet ?

Currently we have 9 different puds , each one has been created to bring back the nostalgia of a traditional pudding or sweet cake ..

Using our handcrafted chocolate, fruit purées and many different ingredient we have created different puds by fusing layers and textures of ganache, caramels and biscuits that represent the genuine tradition puddings.

Each little pud is 6cm wide by 3cm high , just enough for two people to share or for THAT one person who LOVES CHOCOLATE ..

Our first pudding was our Rocky Road ... filled with Marshmallows, raspberry pieces, honeycomb, biscuits, combined with hazelnut praline & milk chocolate …

This Pud sold out on our website within minutes from us posting on Instagram !

The next pud was a traditional Christmas pudding ..creamy custard ganache with infused Christmas pudding … this one was truly festive and many people purchased them for their Christmas dessert..


From Christmas our little puds increased in sales, this left us feeling excited and inspired. We then started to think about all our favourite childhood desserts, and our adult ones of course!

Which pud would you like to try ?

Black Forest Gateau-Milk Chocolate case, cherry pate de fruit, with creamy white chocolate ganache, and milk chocolate ganache infused with cherry kirsch ,fresh chocolate gateau and blended dried sweet red cherries

Birthday cake … first layer, our version of butter cream, blended with white chocolate ganache and sprinkles. Then a layer of strawberry jam (pate de fruit) , lastly a layer of vanilla sponge infused with white chocolate ganache.

S’mores little puds … Milk chocolate case with layer of cinnamon, maple syrup biscuit, a layer of caramel blended with milk chocolate, whipped marshmallow and lastly another maple syrup biscuit to seal the base.

Lemon Meringue …. First Meringue crumb blended with white chocolate meringue ganache…. then white chocolate ganache blended with fresh lemon and Lemon zest ….. lemon pate de fruit and sweet pastry base smothered in milk chocolate

Tiramisu- Milk Chocolate Case, sprinkled with Orange zest, layered with White Chocolate Mascarpone Ganache, Genoese sponge infused in fresh coffee, sweet wine blended together with Milk Chocolate Garnish , sealed with dark milk coffee chocolate.

White chocolate and Raspberry cheese cake … raspberry pate de fruit, white chocolate ganache made with Mascarpone cheese and Double cream with chopped raspberries, and chewy honey and biscuit base ….

Cherry Bakewell little puds cased in milk chocolate , with a layer of cherry pate de fruit, a layer of our version of Frangipane blended with white chocolate and chopped almonds , with our honey biscuit crumbs and milk chocolate all blended together to seal the pud !!!

white chocolate ; vanilla ganache , with a layer of milk chocolate, banana caramel combined with chewy banana blended, and a chewy honey and biscuit base

Our little puds are very popular, and currently we are working on many new little puds .. like apple crumble with custard … hmmm can you image tasting the toasted oats and crumble complementing the fresh apple sauce and cream custard ganache… hmmm !

So What pud would you like us to recreate? rhubarb and custard or treacle sponge and custard … this list is endless isn’t it ..

so now we have talked about our new puds make sure you treat yourself and let us know what your thoughts ..

Love Trace


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