The Everlasting Collection

Updated: Aug 23

So now the new everlasting collection is live on our website 

Also available at @arttopia_cleethorpes 

The title says it all... this everlasting collection will be constantly changing, with endless new flavours and new concepts to enjoy.

This collection will consist of a selection of Dairy and Non dairy (vegan) chocolate ranging from Ganache, Caramel and Praline chocolates. 

We have started off with these new flavours:

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Parma Violet Gin

Cherry & Champagne (vegan)

Strawberry & Champagne

Bramble & Earl Grey (vegan)

Lemon, Lemon Thyme & Poppy Seeds

Tahitian Vanilla (vegan)

Lemon & Mint

Apple & Cinnamon (vegan)

Pandan (vegan)



Peanut butter & Raspberry Jam

What flavours would you like to see?

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