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Big Velvet Heart


This Collection contains the Five Valentines Chocolates & One Hollow Velvet milk chocolates heart.   


Red, Turquoise, Lilac Heart - Plum & Honey

Silver LOVE – Blood Orange & Vanilla

Silver Heart - Blood Peach & Balsamic: 

Turquoise LOVE - Strawberry & Champagne 

Red Heart – Himalayan Salted Caramel & Coriander

  • Ingredients

    Red, Turquoise, Lilac Heart - Plum & Honey: Milk chocolate (milk), Plum puree, Cream (milk), Glucose, Rapeseed Honey.

    Silver LOVE – Blood Orange & Vanilla: Milk chocolate (milk), White Chocolate (milk), Blood orange puree, Cream (milk), Glucose, Vanilla, Saffron.

    Silver Heart - Blood Peach & Balsamic: Milk chocolate (milk), White chocolate (milk), Blood peach puree, Cream (milk), Glucose, Balsamic vinegar (sulphite).

    Turquoise LOVE - Strawberry & Champagne Milk chocolate (milk), White chocolate (milk), Strawberry puree, Cream (milk), Glucose, Champagne (Alcohol).

    Red Heart – Himalayan Salted Caramel & Coriander: Milk chocolate (milk), Cream (milk), Sucrose, Butter (milk), Himalayan Salt, Coriander.