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Chocolate Crumbs and Chip - Hot Chocolate Paint 'n' Create Set

Chocolate Crumbs and Chip - Hot Chocolate Paint 'n' Create Set


“Crumb and Chip” they are part of our Paint'n' Create sets.


These wonder character bring so much to a child’s imagination, they inspire there creative side through painting and fulfil their basic need for fun and Chocolate, what more could you ask for !


These cheeky chaps can be painted and eaten or melted to make hot chocolate or dunked or simply eaten with a smile and a giggle.


This collection consists of :

1 chocolate Crumb and Chip ,

1 Brush,

3 Edible paints,(paint colours may vary to picture)

Cocoa special ingredients

Marshmallows Sprinkles



Pour 300ml milk into a pan, add 3 teaspoons of Special cocoa ingredients and stir together.

 Heat the mixture over medium heat, whisking often to avoid lumps. • Bring the chocolate mud mixture to a light boil, then reduce the heat and simmer.

Add one character to the pan. …                  

Whisk the Milk and character with the special cocoa ingredients and mixture until creamy and thick.

Pour the hot chocolate mixture into a cup….. Add cream, sprinkle and marshmallows…


You can now Dunk the other character in the hot chocolate for an extra chocolate fix , or save him for another time !  


Weight: 135g


Chocolate sets available in

45% Milk Chocolate

45% Coconut Milk Chocolate (Vegan)

White Chocolate (Vegan)

  • Ingredients

    Allergy Advice: Manufactured in a factory that handles DAIRY and NUTS products. For allergens see BOLD 


    Milk Chocolate contains: 45% cocoa solids min, 25% milk solid (whole milk powder) min.

    Coconut Milk Chocolate contains: 45% cocoa solids min, 25% coconut milk solid  min. 

    White  Coconut Milk Chocolate contains: 30% cocoa solids min, 30% coconut milk solid min.

    Food colouring for decoration: cocoa butter, titanium dioxide TiO2, brilliant blue E133, indigotine E132, allura red 129*, tartrazine E102*, sunset yellow FCF E110*. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

    Store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight. 

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