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Chocolate Spiderman Set | Kids DIY Chocolate Set

Chocolate Spiderman Set | Kids DIY Chocolate Set


Chocolate Spiderman| Kids DIY Chocolate Set



Each chocolate character has been handcrafted by ourselves, cloned and then made in to pure milk. chocolate (our chocolate ),


Instructions: Paint chocolate: To melt paint, remove lids

from paint pots, place all pots in the microwave. heat for 10 seconds, this can be repeated until paint has melted. The chocolate can now be decorated. (Paint can be reheated if hardens.) To remove paint from brush or change colour, use a clean dry cloth (do not use water).


Let’s get creative!! Set your imagination free and colour in the Lab Cocoa postcard. Once completed add the postcard behind the chocolate and place back in the bag & seal. Tadaa!.. Your very own chocolate creation


Each Kit contains:

1 chocolate characters

1 Brush

3 Edible paints

Imagination postcard

Colour Card & Instructions


Weight 68g

12 months shelf life

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