Fairy Tale Chocolate Collection

Fairy Tale Chocolate Collection

Who doesn’t love a good Fairytale and chocolates Our fairytale box is part of our Signature collection ‘Once upon a time’ .. 25 handcrafted chocolates collection..Each chocolate has been given a name from a book characters... Alice, Hook, Cheshire Cat .. this doesn’t stop there ... the colours are taken from the character in the books and the chocolate designed around them. The  unique flavours was chosen to represent the characters too ...Our Hook chocolate (Captain Hook) ... red black and yellow chocolate like the character from the book , with a filling of lime rum (what pirates drink) and mint .. .Our fairytale box consists of 16 chocolates hand selected from the Once upon a time collection... so Hide them in a chest, cast a spell on them, only you need to enjoy.... Weight: 160g  Quote added to box "Matilda wondered how much could he eat. Could he eat the entire chocolate cake? Bruce began to eat his fourth slice of chocolate cake, which would be half the cake. He thought to himself “I have to finish this cake. I can’t let the Trunchbull get to me.” After half of the chocolate cake had disappeared into Bruce’s stomach, the Trunchbull began to get red in the face with anger. She could not believe he had eaten this much. The students saw her frustration and began to cheer“Go Brucey! Go Brucey!”Book:Matlida, Roald Dahl: 1988..... Add a personal message for an extra £1.50
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  • Ingredients

    Allergy Advice: Beware some chocolates contain nuts. Manufactured in a factory that handles nuts and dairy products.For allergens; see ingredients in BOLD.

    Milk chocolate contains: 45% cocoa solids min, 25% milk solid (Milk) min, Dark chocolate contains: 70% cocoa solids min.

    Ganache Bonbons: Lemon, lemon thyme & poppy seeds, Strawberry & balsamic, Blackberry & vanilla, Raspberry, lychee & rose, Strawberry & champagne, Cranberry & raspberry, Raspberry, pear & cinnamon, Mango & ginger, Tonka bean, Lime, rum & mint (Mojito), Strawberry & cardamom, Blueberry & apple, Rhubarb & vanilla, Passion fruit & coconut, Yuzu, Blueberry & lavender, Mango & papaya. Ingredients: white chocolate (cocoa butter, milk solid (whole milk powder), sugar), milk chocolate (cocoa mass, milk solid (whole milk powder),cocoa butter, sugar), dark chocolate (cocoa solids. cocoa butter, sugar), rhubarb puree (19%), blackberry puree (17%), lychee puree (17%), pear puree (16%), strawberry puree (15%), passion fruit puree (15%), blueberry puree (14%), papaya puree (12%), cranberry puree (6%), raspberry puree (6%), mango puree, apple puree, lime puree, coconut milk, Invert sugar, glucose, grated coconut,butter (milk), cocoa butter, champagne (alcohol), rum( alcohol),yuzu juice, balsamic vinegar (concentrated grape must, contains sulphites, wine vinegar sulphites),poppy seeds, tonka bean. egg yolk (egg)(Mojito chocolate only), passion fruit puree, sorbitol (E420), vanilla pod, ginger, mint leaves,lemon thyme, French lavender extracts, lemon juice, cardamom, cinnamon.

    Praline and Nut Bonbons: Cappuccino, Raspberry & peanut, Raspberry praline, Gingerbread, Hazelnut praline, Pistachio praline, Lemon & macadamia nut. Ingredients:white chocolate (cocoa butter, milk solid (whole milk powder), sugar), milk chocolate (cocoa mass, milk solid (whole milk powder),cocoa butter, sugar), dark chocolate (cocoa solids. cocoa butter, sugar), hazelnut praline (hazelnutsnutssugar, emulsifier, soya lecithin), pistachio (nuts), hazelnuts (nuts)macadamia nuts (nuts),butter (milk), raspberry puree, peanut butter (peanuts & sea salt),cream (milk), hazelnuts (nuts),pistachio (nuts), glucose, invert sugar, cocoa butter, amaretto (alcohol),lemon juice, butter (milk), Biscuit crumb (wheat flourgluten,vegetable fat, anhydrousmilk fat milk, milk sugar milk,milk protein (milk),salt, barley extractgluten, raising agent malt extract, E500ii, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin, antioxidants, E306) coffee, sorbitol, pectin (E440) sorbitol (E420), salt,nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, pepper,orange rind,vanilla pod, salt. Caramel Bonbons: Coffee crème. Ingredients:Dark chocolate (cocoa solids. cocoa butter, sugar), demerara sugar, cream (milk),butter (milk), hazelnuts (nuts),coffee. Food colouring for decoration: cocoa butter, titanium dioxide TiO2, brilliant blue E133, indigotine E132, allura red 129*, tartrazine E102*, sunset yellow FCF E110*. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

    Store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.


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