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Thanks Coolest Teacher ChocoCard

Thanks Coolest Teacher ChocoCard


Thanks Coolest Teacher ChocoCard, plus a blank Message card 


ChocoCards are slabs of handcrafted chocolate created and designed for you … so no more boring cards, you can now send that birthday, anniversary, personal message knowing they will LOVE IT,  and enjoy eating it too, and don’t blame us if they don’t share..


ChocoCards are very diverse and suit all walk of life ! … our cheeky chocolate slabs are the crazy ones that we all laugh at and would love to buy just for that right person !!  however sometimes we just need simple and perfect message … the ones that will make them cry at the fact you gifted them a ChocoCard .


Available in Milk Chocolate, White Milk Chcolate, Coconut Milk Chocolate (Vegan), White Chocolate (Vegan) .

Store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Size 13x15 cm

Weight 120g

Shelf Life: 12 months

See Ingredients

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