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Frequently Asked Questions

Lab Cocoa Workshops 

Q: What age would you recommend for the Children's Workshop? 

We would recommend from the age of three upwards for the Imagination and Pizza workshops. Five plus for the Lego workshop, and Seven plus for the Hearts and Planets. These are only guidelines,  we do encourage all ages to have ago and we are always on hand to support where needed, many parents/guardians can and do get involved too, this adds to the fun for everyone.  Please contact us if you want more advice. 

Q: I’m looking at booking a chocolate workshop for a 4 and 5 year old. Can you recommend the best ones to do with a younger child? 

We would recommend the Imagination Workshop this is great introduction to our workshops. The Imagination workshop promotes fun, imagination, creativity and interaction. The duration is 90 mins. 

Q: I am looking for a Chocolate experience for my daughter who loves chocolate, how do I book a workshop? 

Please see our workshops booking page Booking Childrens Workshops all date and times are highlighted. Our Contact us for Private Workshops 

Q: I want to book my child onto a Chocolate workshop,  Can I book a place for myself ? 

You sure can! All our Children workshops are open to  families too,  this increasing the fun!  you will need to book two places on the Children's Worksop booking page. . 

Q: We are wanting to book onto a workshop, is the studio wheelchair friendly? 

Yes we are wheelchair friendly. We have a designated  car park for wheelchair users at the side of the studio allowing easy access to the studio, plus our whole studio is accessible with a wheelchair too. 

Private Workshops 

Q: Hi, i am enquiring about your chocolate bar workshop, i am a senior at an adult social care setting for young people with disbailities and wondered if you could come out to centres to run workshops?

We can deliver private/bespoke workshop at any location, we would collate information about setting and adapt the workshops for age and ability.

  We also provide private workshops at our studio. The Studio is calm and therapeutic environment with full access for  wheelchair users. with a wider range of workshop to choose from that can be adapted to an individual/groups needs. Contact us for more information. 

Q: My Son has server Autism can not cope in large groups settings, do you offer one to one workshops or smaller groups?

 Our  workshops are delivered in small numbers this keeping the environment calm and also giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the works to its full potential. we also offer private workshop this would give you the option to book the one to one or a small group.  

Workshops Vouchers 

Q: I’d like to buy a chocolate workshop voucher, how long are they valid for and where can I purchase from? 


All our workshop vouchers for children and adults are available on the website ‘ click here for Workshop Vouchers ‘ or contact us to collect from the studio. All voucher are valid for 12 months and can be used on any of our Children or Adult workshops . 


Q: I have a workshop voucher how do I book on a workshop ? 


Firstly choose from either our Adult workshop or Children's workshop select the  date and press 'BOOK WORKSHOP' … complete the relevant details, at heck out add voucher code in the coupon section .. please be aware only the deposit will be taken , voucher will need to be handed in on the date of workshop.    


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