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New Workshop and Chocolate Studio..

OMG how time has flown... its been 2 years since we last wrote a blog page.... Sorry, not Sorry!... As you are aware (living in it too) covid hit us.. This put our business on full speed working every day and night making and packing orders for customers all over the world! Thank you :)

While working all hours we decided (mental brain wave) to look for a new workshop, something bigger! This didn't take long and we found the perfect place in the heart of Lincolnshire, in a little village called Laceby.. It is perfect.... however it wasn't just the a new workshop (just grass and no building) it was to be our new forever home too..

In September 2021 we moved home and workshop and shacked up in a little farm house (our new house) and continued to produce our chocolate creations and build a new workshop from scratch .... yep from scratch! see our small reel, as you can see alot has happened.

Now we are getting closer and we can actually say it looks like a building.. These is

still a lot more to complete, however we now have a dead line in place and hoping to have everything complete by July 22.

So Here's the bit you will love .... once the workshop/studio is complete the plan is to bring back our children chocolate workshops, parties and school sessions , that's not all!.. we are also looking at offering chocolate events to adults, like chocolate making classes and cocktail and chocolate events... the list is endless! so keep an eye out for the golden tickets.. you will love it!!

Follow us on our adventure on our Instagram page > Follow us . and watch our new chapter unfold!

Love Trace xx

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